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Aluminum Phosphite


For better control of storage insects & safe storage of food grains in bags, metal bins, godowns, warehouses, silos etc. For containers fumigation & for exporting insect free food grains.

Sanphos – 15% tablets

New tablet formulation of Aluminium phosphide 15%. Each tablet is of 12gm size, unit pack of 4 tablets (48gm pack). Easy applications and more effective. Can be used for fumigation in different food grains.


New advanced rodenticide is safe, economical, easy to apply & more effective to control all type of rodents inside burrows.

Zinc Phosphide


Trusted, high quality & first choice rodenticide among farmers, pest control operators, exporters & other consumers all over world.



Ready to use rodent cake/bait containing 0.005% Bromodialone. It kills rats by interfering with their blood coagulation process.