Welcome to the world of Phosphorus based chemicals.

We strive towards superior quality and consistent growth through continuous innovation.

Core Values


Our strength lies in our innovativeness. Always updating and changing with the changing demands in the industry, SG has always strived to match steps with the industry standards.
Our constant endeavour for value based innovations in the field of chemicals, has allowed us to make headways in niche markets as an independent company that operates at global levels.


We believe, that the key to growth is collaboration. When we work together, we grow together. Committed to growth through trust and cooperation, we make sure that every one at Sandhya Group is aligned to the vision. We strongly believe that we can only achieve our goals through excellent and communication, creativity and clear objective setting at every level.

Our Philosophy

We, the Sandhya family, believe in excellence in all that we do and strive for it every single day. We know and believe that our strength lies in our networks – be it internal or external and we cherish every single person, idea and action that is part of this journey with us. Our goal is to be able to implement the Indian Philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – the world is one family. Stay together, grow together.


We take the less treaded path – always. When niche Phosphorous based chemicals were unheard of, we took up the challenge and made headways into various industries catering to very specific needs. Our appetite for challenges and calculated risks is what has differentiated us from the mediocre. We have complete faith in our know how, experience and the collaboration of our people which gives us the strength to explore more avenues.


Integrity is another virtue we are proud of. Sandhya Group is a name synonymous to the manufacture & marketing of world-class products at cost effective prices with ensuring prompt deliveries. We strive constantly to remain devoted to our client needs also ensuring we make the environment more healthy and sustainable for future generations.

Social Accountability

Tremendous respect for the environment around us makes us feel socially accountable and drives us to do better with every passing day. Giving back to society has been a driving force that has helped us innovate with responsibility.

To know about our products


Our understanding and depth of experience and expertise with Phosphorus has been instrumental in us being able to make a niche in various industries. We cater to the specific needs of many industries like Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Dye stuff, Plastics, Paints, Rubber, Coating as well as Agro chemicals. Our constant endeavour to innovate and evolve keeps us on the lookout for more opportunities to cater to.


Our Presence


ChemSpec India- 16/17 April, 2019 hall 1, Mumbai Exhibition


Chemspec Europe 2019


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